Direction for Use

Read this information carefully before you start taking Verebey Joint Support.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Verebey Joint Support formula. It is a dietary supplement with the active ingredient of niacin and other natural components, vitamins and gelatin, which helps to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis and promotes rebuilding damaged joints.

Taking Verebey Joint Support at the suggested dosage helps to develop the tolerance to niacin. The use of Verebey Joint Support should be started at a low dose and gradually increased to the daily maximum of 3 x 2 tablets. These steps will help you to limit or avoid of the possibility of flushing, which is a common but harmless side effect of niacin. Flushing sometimes accompanied by a mild, sunburn like blushing of the skin which stops in 15-20 minutes. But it may not occur at all individuals.

Start with one pill a day for the first time immediately after a full meal. Verebey Joint Support should be taken with a meal. After a few days, take 2×1 tablets daily, directly after a meal.  If preliminary symptoms of flushing do not occur increase the dosage to three pills (3×1) per day to maximum of 3×2 tablets. If 3×2 tablets a day does not cause any flushing symptoms that means your body developed the appropriate level of tolerance to niacin. Flushing is harmless, not dangerous and it goes away within a short period of time.

Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body, but rapidly excreted in the urine. Increased daily water intake is suggested while you are taking Verebey Join Support. Expect urine to be yellow when taking the formula due to its B-vitamin components. This does not indicate any health problem.

The maximum daily dosage, 2 x 3 tablets of Verebey Joint Support contains only 210 mg of niacin, divided into the three times two tablets per day. It is a low dose. If you are currently being treated with any medications, you may first talk to your healthcare provider.

The use of Verebey Joint Support with or without any other natural supplement is entirely your own responsibility yet you may consult a physician prior to using any dietary supplement or medication. Verebey Joint Support has the great advantage of supplying the body for its beneficial impacts on your joint inflammation, but with drastically reduced side effects or without them.

Verebey Joint Support can help in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Its active ingredient, niacin, has been used for over 50 years and well studied. Nowadays its importance and its physiological effects on the human body is well recognized. Therefore, it is a safe substance to use. Verebey Joint Support is a result of decades of scientific studies and research. Dr. Verebey and his colleague filed for a US patent certificate regarding to its safe and used composition was accepted by the US Patent Office in 1994. The use of niacin and other natural ingredients became a US registered patented formula. The Verebey Joint Support a registered trade mark approved by the US Trade Mark Office.

The main active ingredients of Verebey Joint Support found to slow down aging and the development of certain diseases associated with aging. It improves joint mobility and reduces the need for steroids and NSAIDs for anti-inflammatory drugs which have serious side effects. It may help to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or in other words the “bad” cholesterol, and to increasehigh-density lipoprotein (HDL), or in other words the “good” cholesterol. It has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and it is an agent in preventing heart disease. Niacin is also believed to be effective in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Another Niacin feature is its ability to greatly reduce anxiety and depression and its positive impact on the nervous system and the brain. Niacin is effective in inducing relaxation and calming effects, it has been used in psychiatry and the treatment of schizophrenia and depression.

Although Verebey Joint Support helps eliminate inflammation the cause of joint pain, “as a side effect” it exerts a favorable effect on several other diseases.

There is not enough scientific evidence to recommend the use of Verebey Joint Support in children. Therefore, just as other supplement this product must be kept out of the reach of children.

The container has 180 tablets (about 1 month supply). Please share your experience with us on the formula of Verebey Joint Support. If you have any questions about the product or purchase of the product, please contact us.

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